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Hosting Services

Do you offer paid web hosting services?

Yes and no. I do not offer publicly available paid services to just anyone who wants it, I’ve had too many issues in the past to justify continuing such a service. That being said, I do have business relationships with clients where they do pay for my hosting services as I’ve worked with them on a project or they are people whom I know and they just want a basic setup without the hassle of dealing with the large providers’ support lines when issues arise.

I don’t want to host a site, I want to run a different type of server/software (game, comms, etc.)

Once again, I do not publicly offer hosting for other types of content/games/software/etc. I have to take into account the resources required to run these services and the potential issues they have/can attract (I don’t need some peeved off little kid DDoSing a clan’s TeamSpeak server I host). So, hosting these types of things is extremely limited and monitored closely.